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Vision: To create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love.
Mission: To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.

Yi Jia Business Triple of Three


Yi Jia Business Triple of Three

We have gone through the first decade of our business on March, 28 of this year. Now, we are entering the next decade planning and we foresee more plans in future. Years later, when we retire and our career is inherited by our descendants, we can happily and proudly share our glorious achievements and interesting stories with others.

The planning of our second decade is divided into two phases: The first phase is the first three years, 2014-2017, which is crucial for foundation. In these three years, we have three main matters to carry out, the first is to set up branch offices in more countries. Besides financial resources, we need also professional team to set up branch office. If the company expands too quickly, our talent team, management and service may not keep up the pace, this is irresponsible to the distributors who have given their trust to us. Thus, we must develop our management team well before we can explore further. In developing a market, it is imperative that we do it well and stable to enjoy a good reputation in the market, so that the government and management department of this market, as well as the distributors and consumers are confident to us.

Second, we want to operate from product to project operation. At this phase of operation, MAIONE product series is the core of the operation of this business model that I call it product operation phase. On this basis, we are entering to a project operation phase, which is the second project operation phase that we want to implement. Specifically, with the latest technology as our operational model, our network marketing will obtain better capability. The first capability is to fully utilise the high-tech tools to service the market, and our R&D team is working on the development. At the moment, we all relying on the existing technical basis to develop new market, but this approach will be simpler and more convenient in the future. For example, you just need to take out your smartphone and scan with WeChat, you will be able to develop network. Alternatively, you may send out a text message to other, and he will become your downline once he agrees. The productive tools decide our effectiveness and efficiency. The more advanced tools help us to develop faster, and obtain higher efficiency and better effectiveness. Many people will ask: “Are we going to increase more products in the future?” Yes, in addition to successively develop MAIONE product series, we will add in more products. We did a statistical analysis, there are currently hundreds of thousands kinds of world circulated products, exchangeable products and services around the globe. This is our goal; we aim to do a boundless integration of products and society resources. What does this mean? I will give you a clear analogy; E-commerce business module that we are setting is to integrate the products and services as one. A new born baby may achieve our Platinum Card when he turns one month old and probably achieve Crystal when he is two years old. Why? This is because the milk powder, bottles, diapers, baby clothes etc. used by the baby accumulate points for him. So in the coming three years, from 2014 to 2017, we want to complete this project operation. We integrate products that meet everyone's needs at every stage, all expenditure from birth to death comes with PV value. Everyone gets what they need from our business modules, our products store. We will have a professional team dedicated to the operation, not only achieve in technical aspect, but more important is to complete on marketing operation. We will gradually test in various countries, and gradually launch in countries including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Can you imagine the new milestone that our business is going to reach if we succeed on this step? Previously, the network marketing done by us has a very fine blood vessel, it’s capillary, its turnover and integration strength are limited. This is because everyone's expenditure is limited when relying solely on company's own product, thus it's capillary. In the future, if we build this capillary on the socioeconomic aorta by integrating whole society resources, every consumer and member's spending comes with points and they are related to us, even their family members, friends and relatives’ expenditure are all related to us. Can you think of the concept whereby watching movie, staying hotel, dining, purchasing a car, pumping petrol and purchasing house entitle you to points? We want to implement such a huge integration of society resources. This is our next grand product strategy which I call it project operation.

On the basis of this project operation, we will implement the third operation--capital operation. We need the power of capital to achieve our extraordinary development. We have a comprehensive plan; our goal is to share the gains of the company with our employees and distributors. So, we have decided to plan for listing, and it is already underway.After we are listed, our company will definitely have a better development and larger platform, but this is not our ultimate goal. We pursue a goal to transfer our employees and distributors to become corporate shareholders, enable everyone to enjoy the gaining of the listing together. When our employees and distributors have become shareholders, we can let the professional managers to manage the corporate in accordance with scientific system of listed companies, and it is the time for me to step down. For me, I will lead you at the forefront at the current phase. After listed, the company will enter the second phase and I will step down and give my blessings to you with gratitude. So in these three years, I will lead all of you to forge ahead, ensuring the success of the implementation of our project operation and capital operation.

The world is now undergoing a critical period with major development, transformation and adjustment, a new wave of wealth has arrived. A person's choice decides his future. What decides our position today? It is decided by a decision made in two, three, or even five years ago. How did we position ourselves and what kind of decision we made in three or five years ago decided our position of today. Our next position in the future is decided by our position and choices made today. Nothing is impossible in the world, unless you can't think of it. All successful people were being suspected or even being known as a madman or a liar initially, however they would be known as a miracle and their stories would become a legend when they succeeded. Our planning and ideas are stepping towards the realisation, some may not believe us and some may suspect us, it's normal, but we will always lead those who believe us, always succeed the dreams of those who believe and follow us.

We perfectly combine the great integration of traditional network marketing, the latest science and technology and social resources with capital operation. This is a revolutionary breakthrough that will lead a new wave of wealth!


Three Major Responsibilities

Employees       Distributors       Society

Our first responsibility is responsibility towards employees. We offer job opportunities to every employee, not only to support their living, but more important is to develop their survival ability in the future. Over the years, our company persists to put our staff training at a very important position. We train up our staff of all levels on our own effort. Though some of our executives do not have a high educational level, they are career oriented, loyal and have a positive attitude. Therefore, the company trains them and gives them opportunities. This is our responsibility to our employees. Ensuring continuous success and wellbeing for all is part of the mission of Yi Jia International, our employees and company will not give up on each other. There was once when an old employee bid farewell to the company because of family factor, the scene was like the separation between life and death. Why was there unwillingness? If solely for the pursuit of material wealth, they may come for the money today, and may leave for the money tomorrow. Therefore, our corporate is not only supporting our employee in term of material, but more emphasis is put on the spiritually growth. We are committed in staff development and enhancement, so that they feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment in the company and hence they will achieve excellent growth and develop confidence for their future. This is the first responsibility. This is the main reason we can grow stronger despite the many challenges and hardship in the past 10 years. People are the most important asset in the company, and also the core element of business competitiveness.

The second responsibility is our responsibility to our distributors. This is clearly reflected in our commitment to ensure product quality, benefit of our distributors, as well as market support and logistics services. With our existing financial resources, we can actually set up our business branch offices in numerous countries, but for the first phase of the planning for our second decade, which is the first three years (2014-2017), we will Focus on building and improving the existing platform company. What is the reason for doing so? Before our company platform is well developed in a country, the market can't be explored easily because this does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations and does not guarantee the benefits of our distributors. For our distributors, the biggest risk of engaging in this career is not about the loss of capital in term of time and money value, but the loss of credibility. If the logistical support does not keep up with the business, we will be caught in difficulty while developing a new market. Not only being accused by our friends around, but also deemed as fraud and lose our credibility. In order to be responsible to our distributors, we must build a solid platform for the company and ensure the completeness of our market support and logistics service, so that the distributors can apply their strengths in realising their dreams. This is our second responsibility—responsibility towards our distributors. Yi Jia International's philosophy of service is “customer is my closest friend and beloved family; service is fundamental to our survival and guarantee of advancement.” Our distributors and we are interdependent, without them, we will lose the basis of survival. Distributors are our source of income, they develop the market and fight for the sales result. We provide service with gratitude as the fundamental cause of the trust we attain in our business within these ten years.

The third responsibility is built on the basis of the previous two; we have to be responsible to the local state and society. We are socially responsible by providing plenty of job opportunities, ensuring the stable growth of the business and helping the local community to solve livelihood issues. We have created such a good entrepreneurial platform, to enable more people to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. This is also our further responsibility to the local state and society. But these are insufficient; we have to perform better in our business, so that we pay higher taxes for the state and society. Nevertheless, this is not our ultimate goal yet. There is a very important target in our responsibility to the local state and society which is to pursue sustainability and long term development of the business. The first part in running a business is to seek for profit, without profit, a short-lived business will collapse and it marks the greatest shame of the entrepreneurs and also deemed as seriously irresponsible. In order to survive, business must gain profit at the first place, this will then bring hope to the employees and confidence to the business distributors. However, we should also pursue charitable goal in additional to the sales and profit for the long-term development. In our corporate strategic planning at every stage, we have a charitable plan. Within the capability of our business, we will contribute certain percentage from our profit earned from the local market for local charity. Why? This is because we won’t be able to develop or even survive without the trust and support, as well as the good development environment provided by the local state and society. Thus, we must be grateful for their support and contribute back to the local society. I have mentioned in a charitable media interview that, “Men shouldn't be greedy and businessmen should have integrity. In order to contribute to charity, we must first possess the financial capability.” We are eager to help more needy people, but the company must first be equipped with adequate financial strength in order to contribute to the charity. To deal with this issue, we have greater motivation and momentum in running our business. So, our first task is to build our business with our very best effort to gain more profits, so that we will have greater ability and strength for charity and return to the society. This is the desire that enable me to persist with the entrepreneurial passion in performing my best in the business.

Personally, if solely to make money, I might have lost the momentum and direction in earlier times. Many of my corporate executives have been persuading me, “Mr. Chairman, why are you still attending the BOM and training at grassroots level? Why don't you leave these to the marketing department?” I said that I do not think of myself as a boss or the chairman, I just thought of myself as an ordinary employee and fought together with staff. At any time, I regarded my every task as my first task, my first venture. Why did I do this? Why could I do this? This is due to the responsibility and mission that drive me with passion and motivation, while leading me to the correct direction in life. In the meantime, I wish to be a role model to all my colleagues and business distributors: “Regardless the time as well as our achievement and wealth, we shouldn't forget our responsibility and mission. We shall never forget that we have to be responsible to those who trust us and follow us; never forget that the needy people in the society need our helping hand. We must keep this passion so that we will not lose the direction of career and life. ” We came to the world and shall contribute to the world. No matter how rich you are, you could only sleep on a bed at a night, sit on a car for each ride, put on a watch on each hand and consume limited portion for each meal. Thus, the pursuit of material is limited and it could be satisfied easily, the more important part is what could you contribute to the world? When you leave the world, money and any other belongings will no longer belong to you, but your reputation remains forever. Respect and gratitude are the most precious wealth that you could leave to our generations and the world. Today, we are mentioning on these three responsibilities to tell everyone what kind of corporate is Yi Jia International that you are cooperating with, so that you are confident and filled with hope for our career.


Three Happiness

Physical Health       Financial Health       Mental Health

According to the ancient philosophers, Mengzi, “There are three kinds of great happiness in life, the first is to gather the talents of the world and educate them.” I change the word “educate” into its homophone which means communication and interaction. If we both have an apple and we exchange, what we get is only one apple, however if we both have an ideology, we will end up getting two ideologies born out of their communication and collision. As the best entrepreneurship platform of today, Yi Jia International provides successful opportunities to those who are ambitious. Here is where the success attracts success and the elite attract elite. We work hand in hand and grow together. This is the first great happiness.

The second happiness is “living without guilt”, which means to live with good integrity and no shame. This is the greatest happiness of life. Holding with the vision “to create a platform that builds opportunities to realise dreams,” Yi Jia International works hand in hand with our distributors to grow together. We are engaged in honourable career to earn the honourable profit, we work diligently to realise our value of life to live with more dignity, realising the second happiness of life.

The third happiness mentioned in Mengzi's philosophy is to enjoy family fun. I've added the word “share” to this philosophy. We should possess three kinds of health: physical health, financial health and mental health in order to enjoy family fun. However, self-enjoyment is insufficient, we should share. We should help others to enjoy the great life as well. Thus, we have a mission in our corporate to succeed and help others succeed. This is the only way to consistently motivate ourselves with entrepreneurial passion, and position ourselves at a firm direction of life and career.