Yi Jia International Appointed Charity Ambassadors to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia

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“Society Charity, Company’s Responsibility”, Yi Jia International always shoulders social responsibility actively. Not only does it set performance targets for profit, but also it is committed to charity career. At the same time, we work hard to implement the charity campaign in different stage of company’s development, develop local charity career and return to the local society, country and people for the support. Over a decade, Yi Jia staff and partners have delivered love to disadvantaged groups in various countries and regions under the leadership of Chairman Guo. In April this year, our company launched the charity campaign “In the name of love” in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, so as to make Yi Jia charity career take roots there.

In order to facilitate the development of charity projects in different countries and carry forward charity culture of Yi Jia, Yi Jia International appointed Carroll as Taiwan Charity Ambassador, Ma Ya Fang as Singapore Charity Ambassador and Lucy as Malaysia Charity Ambassador. Carroll, Ma Ya Fang and Lucy were members of Yi Jia International Global Strategy Committee; they had been committed to promoting Yi Jia career, actively spreading beauty and love with team members, and zealously devoted themselves to Yi Jia charity career all along. As Yi Jia Charity Ambassadors, they were entrusted with the sacred mission of dedication and honesty together with Yi Jia Foundation.

We believe that, under the inspiration of three charity ambassadors, Carroll, Ma Ya Fang and Lucy, we are able to carry forward Yi Jia love culture, spread love seeds and inherit the fire of love. We hope that the charity career of Yi Jia International will flourish in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, and anticipate the love of Yi Jia people will nourish every inch of land.


Taiwan Charity Ambassador--Carroll


Singapore Charity Ambassador- -Ma Ya Fang


Malaysia Charity Ambassador—Lucy