Yi Jia International Taiwan 2nd Anniversary Ceremony Celebration

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How time flied! It seemed that we were still in the joy of the inauguration ofYi Jia International Taiwan and the process of spreading love career and today we were celebrating the 2nd anniversary celebration ofYi Jia International Taiwan. On June 11, 2016, the 2nd anniversary celebration ofYi Jia International Taiwan was held in Taichung Wagor International Conference Center. More than 1500 family members from north, center and south of Taiwan converged there together to witness the grand occasion.

With the grand and magnificent drumbeat,Yi Jia International Taiwan 2nd Anniversary Ceremony Celebration was unveiled officially. In the ceremony,Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting led senior management, distributor representatives and guests to come onto the stage to host the2nd Anniversary ceremony ofYi Jia International Taiwan, pouring the champagne into the ice-carving aircraft carrier. It meant thatYi Jia aircraft carrier would break the ice and set sail into the blue ocean of direct marketing in Taiwan, so as to create fantastic miracles.


The mission ofYi Jia International is to help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love. It encouragedYi Jia family members to get engaged in charity and public good. In order to facilitate the development ofYi Jia charity career, the company appointed Global Strategy Committee members, Carroll and Lucy as the Charity Ambassadors. Chairman Guo presented the awards to them, and entrusted them with the great mission of spreading love career, hoping they would promoteYi Jia love culture further.


Meanwhile, on the festive day, Chairman Guo accompanied by Charity Ambassadors handed out the check of NTD 2.2 million to the headmaster of Hui Ming Blind School on behalf of allYi Jia people, hoping it could bring hope to the kids in pursuit of dreams andYi Jia charity career would take roots in Taiwan.


Next,Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting delivered a keynote speech:

My original intention of establishingYi Jia International was “to show mercy”. Here I divide “to show mercy” into two parts. One is to create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams, and help thousands of people to change their fates and realize their dreams. This is what we call “offering”. In the future, we have to elevate the “magnetic field” of dreams to the high level, “charity field”. This is what we call “giving the wealth”, which is second part of “to show mercy”.

In the future, the operation ofYi Jia International will be transformative. Firstly, we will make the products borderless via the advantage of direct selling organization. Secondly, we will make e-commence borderless. That is to say, we can perform transnational goods purchasement and transnational registration, and the transaction and bonus settlement could be conducted at the same time globally. This is the planning for our entire huge project and it is also the future ofYi Jia career! As long as we trust it and stick to it, we are surely to create greater miracle in Taiwan.


That day, the distributor representatives of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald came onto the stage to share their struggling experiences and the joy of success with the audience. Their sincere gratitude, encouragement and passion had won rounds and rounds of applause from the audience, touching all family members on the scene.

Looking back at the past, we have met difficulties and obstacles, but luckily in this bumpy journey we strike forward with our family members.Yi Jia is our home, andYi Jia partners are our dear family members. AllYi Jia family members will remember the happiness of today and work for the dreams of the leading enterprise heart and soul.