He is a guru of dreams creation, who has lighted up the hope in the hearts of countless people;

He is a guru of dreams realisation, who has changed the destinies of numerous people;

He is a guru of training, who has presented over thousand public speaking and training courses with up to millions beneficiaries;

He is a respected entrepreneur, who has always been passionate in public welfare, helping the poor and contributing to the society with practical action;

He is an ideologist with the unity of action and knowledge, being equipped with others’ advantages and personal practice, he perfectly created the leading educational and training system which has trained up batches of elites in the industry, repeatedly created miracles, and is now enjoying a fantastic reputation and being known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the industry;

He is known as the leading authority in the industry who makes contribution, fosters high ethical behaviour and gives insightful opinion.

In year 2004, he founded Yi Jia International, and determined to dedicate himself throughout his lifetime to realise the vision “to create a platform that builds opportunities to realise dreams.”

I Have a Dream

At the beginning of my career, I kept asking myself: “How am I going to spend my life?” At that time I was thinking to work very hard in order to accumulate a huge amount of wealth, I want to have a prosperous life, I want a lot of people to be envious of me, I want my family to live comfortably… After years of efforts, I realized my goals one by one. However, I started to question myself: “Is this the way to spend my life? Is my life going to be quantified by the wealth figure? Is my life just to gain the envy from others?”

When I found that there were a lot of people in the society who had dream and had worked hard for it but failed to change their life and destiny because lack of opportunity, experience and method; I asked myself: “What can I do for them?”

Especially when I saw the needy group, the kids who lost their parents since childhood, and lived lonely or even struggled on the edge of survival because of illness, poverty or natural disasters; these kids needed help, concern and love, they needed education… I couldn’t stop asking myself: “What can I do for these kids?” If I just ignored them and enjoyed my own life, I would feel uneasy! Because I saw it and I couldn’t pretend and turn a blind eye, I had no way to be unsympathetic!”

Then I had a new idea. I asked: “Why did I succeed?” In fact, my personal effort could have contributed only 1% of my success; while the 99% came from the opportunities offered by the society and helps given by other people. A gift of one drop of water at a time of need should be repaid with an ever-flowing fountain, what can I do for the society today?


To create a platform that builds opportunities to realise dreams

There was once when an American friend asked me: “Why did you found Yi Jia company (abbreviation of Yi Jia)” I answered: “You must know why you join us? For Beauty and for Youth! For Dream and for Success! And the most important is for LOVE!”

Though I did not have a good command of English, I spoke so smoothly at that time because it was my desire inside my heart for years!

Ten years ago, I made the most important decision in my life: founded Yi Jia International, realising my lifelong dream.

Over the ten years, I have been committed to creating such a platform: to help and support those who are ambitious to succeed and realise their dreams and life values, thus changing their destiny and possessing blissful life regardless of their conditions, experience and method!

This is my dream which unceasingly inspires and motivates me!

To create a homeland of love

When I led more and more people to succeed and achieve better income, I told myself that it was just a beginning! Yi Jia International product series bring youth and beauty for the people, Yi Jia International career platform brings growth and success to the partners, Yi Jia International corporate culture resembles the clear stream which cleanses the dust of heart and nourishes the heart. If the pursuit of wealth is our only goal, we will soon lose the direction, ourselves and the momentum to move forward when our wealth reach a certain extent.

While we have achieved success, we should help other partners to change their lives and realise their dreams; but these are insufficient, we should concern and support social welfare when we have reached a certain wealth level; we shall provide monetary, physical and mental supports to help more people!

Today, we have a charitable planning in additional to market planning, thus we set up the Yi Jia International Charity Fund. We are engaged in charity for public welfare, but not for showing off or to get any recognition; we do so because of the willingness from the bottom of our hearts, because we are willing to do so.

There are a lot of people who need our helping hands in the society today, thus we should work harder to run our business well, so that we have better financial ability to help them. Yi Jia charity is not solely providing help in term of material, but also the moral support and love. We wish to give warmth and motivation to the children, so that they will not have low self-esteem, grievances and resentment, their growth process will always be filled with sunshine, and they will live with grateful attitude and give back to the society.

This is our desired “homeland of love”, which shelters every soul and lights up everyone’s future with love!

Love has no status distinction, it is kind of willingness comes from the bottom of heart: I’m willing to do! This is the way to spread the love to more people, to inspire more people to join our charity drive; this is the way for us to gain recognition and respect from more people! This is because we do not solely pursue a blissful life, but also to live with dignity!

This is the dream which I’m willing to dedicate myself throughout my lifetime!

Unleash the Era of Yi Jia

The ancient Greek God of War, Achilles died for glory and dignity in the war in Troy, and he was then being known as the first warrior of ancient Greece, the greatest hero of Greece history, and had created the legendary era that belonged to Achilles. Before he set off for Troy, he asked his mother whether he should leave. His mother answered him: “Child, you may stay, and then marry to a pretty wife, have some cute children, live a happy and sweet life, you will eventually get old and pass away, many years later, nobody will remember you. If you go to Troy, I’ll lose a son, but no matter how many years later, when people talk about this era, they will remember an era of Achilles!” Finally, Achilles went to Troy and passed away in the war. 3000 years later, people no longer remember the numbers of kings and their names, but everyone will say that it was the age of heroes, and the era belonged to Achilles.

Dear partners, human life is very short, and material enjoyment is very limited. Why did we join Yi Jia? Initially, we joined for youth, beauty, dream, wealth and success; but when our Yi Jia career reaches a certain level, we should have more ideas, we should think for more people, to add value and meaning into our life. After a number of years, when we talk about these stories, we will say that we are one of the legendary characters who are being eulogized. We can proudly tell others that I was not the spectator, but I was the participant and the leader of the legendary deeds!

Perhaps we are unable to pass a huge amount of wealth on to the next generation, but the spiritual wealth can be inherited by the entire family from generation to generation. Years later, when people talk about our era today, they will say that this was an age of heroes, there was a group of people who have changed the destinies of numerous people; because of their existence, countless people lighted up the love in their hearts; they were Yi Jia members! It was a wonderful era, it was the Yi Jia era that belonged to all Yi Jia members!